My Manager’s Hidden Agenda -Harbored Animosity

In the realm of professional life, interactions with managers play a crucial role in shaping our overall work experience. While many managers strive to create a positive and supportive environment, there are instances where the façade of kindness hides a deeper dislike. In this personal story, I will shed light on my encounter with a manager who appeared friendly on the surface but harbored hidden animosity towards me.


Within my professional journey, I have encountered several managers who went above and beyond to assist me when I sought their help. Their guidance and support not only enhanced my productivity but also fostered a sense of camaraderie within the team. However, my experience with this particular manager was starkly different.

The Pretense of Liking:

From the beginning, my manager appeared to genuinely like me, displaying a friendly demeanor and taking an interest in my work. It was only through subtle hints and observations that I began to suspect that his kindness was merely a charade. Despite his apparent warmth, there was a distinct lack of action when it came to assisting me with tasks or providing guidance, unlike the support I had received from other managers in the past.

Unmet Expectations:

As I gradually realized the manager’s true intentions, I found myself grappling with a growing sense of disappointment and frustration. The lack of assistance left me feeling isolated and unsupported, hindering my professional growth. It became increasingly clear that this manager’s agenda was to maintain a superficial relationship, devoid of any genuine concern for my progress or success.

The Impact:

The impact of this manager’s behavior extended beyond just personal disappointment. The absence of support affected my overall job satisfaction and confidence. It became apparent that the lack of assistance was intentional, leading me to question my abilities and self-worth. The absence of guidance hindered my professional development, leaving me feeling stagnant and unable to fully reach my potential.

Navigating the Situation:

Finding myself in such a challenging situation, I had to devise strategies to overcome the obstacles placed before me. Recognizing that seeking support directly from my manager was an exercise in futility, I turned to alternative resources. I sought guidance from colleagues, mentors, and external networks, utilizing their expertise to compensate for the lack of assistance from my manager. This proactive approach not only helped me grow professionally but also strengthened my resilience in navigating difficult work environments.


In retrospect, my experience with a manager who pretended to like me but harbored animosity toward me was a pivotal moment in my professional journey. It taught me the importance of relying on my own abilities and seeking support from alternative sources when faced with adversity. While the experience was undoubtedly challenging, it propelled me to develop a stronger sense of self-reliance and resilience. I emerged from this encounter with a renewed determination to thrive, irrespective of the negative intentions of others. 




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