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Diligent Employee

I am a diligent employee but I found myself under constant reminders from my manager, Mr. Rosario, about an incident that occurred months ago. It seemed as though Mr. Rosario was oblivious to the numerous accomplishments I had achieved since then.

The incident in question took place during my early days at the company. Fresh out of training (before I became a diligent employee) , I made a rookie mistake that resulted in a minor setback for the team. While it was an unfortunate mishap, I had learned from it and grown significantly since then.

Despite my consistent hard work, dedication, and notable achievements, Mr. Rosario had become fixated on that single incident. It seemed as though he had a selective memory, unable to acknowledge the progress and growth I had displayed over the months.

Throughout my tenure at the company, I successfully spearheaded several projects, leading to increased profitability and recognition for the team. I consistently met and exceeded targets, resulting in accolades from my colleagues. However, Mr. Rosario’s focus remained solely on that one incident from the past.

As a diligent employee, I often wondered why my manager failed to recognize my growth and contributions. I implemented innovative strategies, helped colleagues, and consistently delivered exceptional results. Despite my accomplishments, it seemed as though I were trapped in a never-ending loop, forever defined by my past mistake.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and prove my worth. I began to take on more challenging projects and work longer hours in the hope of impressing my manager. By doing this, I was able to prove my dedication and commitment to the team.

I had no clue how to make my manager forget about that incident. I wished that my hard work paid off one day and I could be back in the good graces of my manager.

This story serves as a reminder that sometimes, individuals can become fixated on past mistakes, failing to see the growth and accomplishments that have occurred since then. Managers must recognize and appreciate the efforts of their team members, fostering an environment that encourages growth and celebrates achievements.

In the end, my persistence as a diligent employee and determination paid off, and I was able to break free from the shadow of that one incident. I proved that accomplishments should never be overshadowed by past mistakes and that growth and progress should always be acknowledged and celebrated (Happy to be a diligent employee). 

Alex Martins

Garden City, Kansas 



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