A Tale of Overworked Employees- Drown and Overwelmed

I was on a team of hardworking employees who found themselves constantly drowning in an overwhelming sea of work. Our manager, Seth, had a peculiar belief that the team could handle anything he threw our way, regardless of our mental, physical, or personal well-being.

Day after day, Seth would pile up excessive workloads on us without considering the toll it took on us. He seemed to disregard the fact that we were already understaffed, often assigning us double the tasks meant for the entire department. We were left feeling exhausted, stressed, and utterly burnt out.

Despite our best efforts, we struggled to keep up with the never-ending demands. Our personal lives suffered as we worked late into the night, sacrificing family time, hobbies, and self-care. The weight of the workload began to take a toll on our mental and physical health, leading to increased absenteeism and a noticeable decline in productivity.

We tried approaching Seth, hoping to reason with him and shed light on the detrimental effects of the excessive workload. However, our concerns fell on deaf ears. Seth remained stubborn, refusing to acknowledge the strain he was placing on us.

As time went on, the team’s morale plummeted, and a sense of hopelessness began to pervade the office. The once vibrant and enthusiastic employees became disengaged and demotivated, and our passion for their work faded away. The team’s performance suffered as a result, and it seemed as if our collective goals were becoming more and more out of reach. We needed a spark to revive our sense of purpose and passion for our work.

More to come…

Justin Scotland

Tampico, Indiana



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